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Thread: Assorted poems an' all

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    Red face Assorted poems an' all

    Riiight, I figured I might as well post some of my poems here. I sure as heck have enough~

    slain like a warrior
    lying on the battlefield
    steed lying injured
    several feet away from
    i put a bandaid on it and
    kissed it to make
    it better but it bleeds
    faster, fastest
    and it all mixes together until
    i can't be sure if
    the red is from you or
    my heart crying
    and the further we got from
    the battle the
    further we got from
    (I can't quite remember why I wrote this, but I...had a reason...I think?)

    the end.
    if the world were to end
    would life end with it
    would you end with it
    would I end with it?
    plains and
    blue skies and
    all without end
    and you
    all alone and
    we all know
    the ocean isn't the best
    of company
    and the sky
    doesn't talk much
    and the plains
    always whisper
    with the incessant wind-
    "hush, hush, this isn't
    hush, hush now,
    all things have an end
    even the plains
    even the ocean
    even the skies
    even the world
    and even you
    hush, hush, child
    this isn't
    so sleep, small one
    and wait for the day
    forever turns into
    hush, hush
    all endings are
    part of
    a new beginning,
    hush now."
    so don't worry about
    the end of the world
    and whether life would end
    with it
    whether you would end
    with it
    just sleep, child
    be safe
    be strong
    be a new beginning.
    (I wrote this after watching Clannad After Story. "This is a world that has ended..." Yeah.)

    Um, sorry they're so long and thin. And kinda lame. But oh well.
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    Re: Assorted poems an' all

    Well this style is not unheard of. I am not sure if it has a name or not. You have several good aspects but you may want to error on the side of brevity. with the exception of epic poems I find it is better to go short than long.

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