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Thread: Asylum in a Hothouse

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    Asylum in a Hothouse

    Asylum in a Hothouse

    roses of white reaching

    delicate petals pure
    leaning toward a golden sun

    tiny poppies reaching

    shedding blood in dirt
    little opiates under glass

    an armful of peonies reaching

    rich in honor and shame
    ornaments below the green

    regal violets reaching

    untouched by lower castes
    huddled among their own

    a thousand blossoms reaching

    protected from the endless azure sky
    from the wild verdant meadows

    a thousand blooms reaching

    trapped within security
    safe but always yearning

    a thousand flowers reach

    and i reach
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    Re: Asylum in a Hothouse

    Interesting. Good flow and I like the images of flowers clawing for the sun. And the way it felt to me overall. I also really like your vocabulary! I haven't honestly read much by you for some reason. But I'll have to start.

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