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Thread: Away from it all

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    Away from it all

    This blood in my hands
    The blood that came from the tears
    The tears
    From my dreams
    And the walls that were covered in my fear
    And the doors that were locked by my hate
    The heart
    That decided my feelings
    Consumed by hate
    Filled with fear
    Further and further
    The nothingness that keeps me going further
    Turning my back further
    I know
    I’m tearing away
    The pieces
    Are all falling away
    My heart
    Trying to say
    “Hold there’s a reason, can’t you see?
    Hold on, don’t turn and walk away”
    My hearts screams were
    Fading, dying and disappearing
    Before they even reached me
    As I turn away and begin to walk
    I am building my way
    With the tears I held dear
    To the feelings I kept near
    But never to the truth
    That was so clear
    My life served on a plate
    My life given to anyone like nothing
    I never knew how to feel
    Or holding a grudge
    I just don’t…
    Just …
    Don’t know what to do
    I don’t think I can give anything anymore
    Because no matter what I do nothing is ever good enough
    I can’t give anymore
    So I’m finally giving up
    I am surrendering to my fate
    To my unwanted dream
    A fate that managed to hang on top of a tree
    I am going to leave
    I am going to leave from now
    Till forever
    Away from this life
    Away from the hell I saw so many years
    A hell I heard so much in my ears
    A hell I saw in my friend’s tears
    I will finally
    Lie down
    With out anything to think about
    Alone from the beginning and alone till the end
    No one was there when I looked
    It looks no one will cry
    At the day I die
    Farewell and good bye
    I may find peace
    At this time I may
    Rest in piece
    At last
    I will be far away
    In nothing but a day
    And the day is today
    Today i will be finaly
    Away From It All
    Power -xxx- aka -M.Ali
    I Fly Swiftly through the air
    I Spread My Wings Without A trace

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    Re: Away from it all

    Another poem I like by you. Keep it up! I love your poems!
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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