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Thread: Baby Girl

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    Baby Girl

    Baby girl is lost
    In the heart of pain
    Expectations driving her insane

    She can’t tell who loves her
    Who envies her
    Who wants her

    Dude telling her “I love you
    I want you too.”
    Baby girl knows it ani’t true

    Yet her heart believes that lying man
    He’s the only who seems to care
    Baby girls’ pain isn’t fair

    One-day dude asks baby girl for the goods
    She says no not yet
    That is something dude can’t accept

    He makes baby do it
    She screams out for assistants
    She moves for resistance

    Nevertheless, he moves in
    And sexs baby girl up
    No need to explain the rest you all know what’s up

    9 months later
    Baby girl had a baby
    She named her Lilly

    Dude is dead
    Lilly is healthy
    In addition, Baby girl is more then happy
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    Re: Baby Girl

    lol, its full of emotional feelings and understandings lol, keep it up shippy

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