Baby Tears is so sweet like two lovers singing songs under the velvet moon
Baby Tears is sweet like honey of Bees in the mild summer days
Baby Tears is like an spin-off thousabds of Lovely chiroing birds in the spring

Baby Tears is so sad like a sorrowed hearts of two lovers seperated by hatred
Baby Tears is a sad song of love and sorrows the remnants of a dead person
Baby Tears is like a veangeance full of hatred of a person ready to slay anyone who passes his path for his loved ones
Baby Tears are both sad and happy to survive this relentless world of ours
__________________________________________________ _______________
Baby Tears is a song by Riyu Kosaka and something got into my mind while I was listening and at the same time chatting with my best friend and just typed the first two lines of this poem...
(P.S. I got really inspired in Baby Tears and making a poem for it is a spin-off the song in the middle part)
Listen to it!