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Thread: back together

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    back together

    I need and want you back
    I love you enough to ask for you to think about it
    enough feelings and brais,i know it's what I lack
    I know I a problems and you had you fit

    We may have broke up,but I still think about you
    you still dont like me but yet you stalk about me
    I am running out of patience ,I only have a few
    I want you back,cant you see

    Every night and day
    Every time I open my eyes I see you
    I dont care what you say
    we have the same things in common,I know we do

    I need you back
    I want you back
    Lone W

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    Re: back together

    Not bad to express your feelings, I like the 2nd version, I had the same feeling like that before lol. keep it up and hope to see more.

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    Re: back together

    Try carfully re-reading your poems before you post...

    Anyhow, looking past the spelling and gramatical errors. I can see where you're going with it.
    Very cute.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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