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Thread: Bandaid Games

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    Bandaid Games

    You treat me like a band-aid
    Patching up things up
    You hurt me so bad I finally give up

    You call my name
    As if it were my number
    Moreover, you try so hard
    To make me remember
    To remember the day
    You were the Band-Aid

    Then I see reality
    Then you still try to explain
    And every god given time
    The excuses were lame

    Nevertheless, the way you call my name
    I fall right back in the game

    How can I resist your call?
    For you it takes nothing at all
    Things get back in the shade
    Now I am stuck
    Still being the Band-aid
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    Re: Bandaid Games

    Wow that was pretty good..... kinda off track for a second then it came bac.
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    Re: Bandaid Games

    It's only sometimes that switching between rhyme schemes is effective... I kind of think this is one of those times... but, since in posting this I must bring on suggestions of revision... you should maybe work on, if you continue to write like this, fluidity between the free verse and rhyming sections... just a thought.

    As always,
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Re: Bandaid Games

    What kinda mess is this and how come you jumped ryming schemes, work on it.

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