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Thread: Bats of the Night

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    Post Bats of the Night

    Author's Note: I wrote this dark poem back in September of 2003. I rewrote it a few times over the years...cut some lines...added a few new lines to try and make the poem flow more smoothly.


    Part One:

    The bats of the night, unite and fight
    Throughout darkly tree leafs,
    Beyound the caves that they dwell deep within,
    From the catacombs of eerie squeeks.

    They fight for the blood of yearly passage...
    From passing of the heavy fallen feet,
    Upon the cobblestones does the man stride by...
    The bats do so eagerly want to draw his blood.

    The old blood...or the new...
    They didn't care which, for the swooping of their wings grew,
    Toward the cobblestoned ground
    Their swooping wings increasing by an eerie sound.

    For the bats of the night increased their number...
    A deadly number of waves of bats toward the ground,
    Down toward the necks of their thirsty target.

    The man screamed horridly,
    Out of some sort of throaty screech,
    None like the bats speach;
    The only likeness of their spoken tone
    Was the eerie sound ripping through the night alone,
    Deeply alone to where the bats wings increasingly beat down...
    All the way down toward the human's hair.
    For, do I dare continue my tale
    Of the bats hunger for the blood of deathly smell?

    For what did happen to the bats --
    These bats who are called of the night,
    For they didn't have any eyes as sight,
    But only their ears to hear...
    Which the darkness of the night
    That's what is an eerie fear of most humans.
    The unknown of what's through the dark
    And soon the heartbeats would start.

    To be continued...

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