In two sections the few survivors stand in ranks.
With spears and armor they are tough as human tanks.
The charger of the ground force was the famous Noy.
No wonder he made it, trained since he was a boy.
From an air raiders back stick a pair of huge wings,
God! How fast old Ave can fly through air on those things,
Because of this fight Ave is the last of his kind.
Soon birdmen will be impossible to find.
Their leader, bandage over eye, addresses them.
“Good job, the enemy was cut at root and stem.
But women and children are dead, there is no food,
Since all crops were burned in the feud with that fierce brood.
Two thirds of you depart from the boats on this shore.
I will lead the rest north, of ships, over there is four.
To valiant Noy I give this precious pearl horn.
Cut it off my dead steed, the last unicorn.
He carried me faithfully to the demon lord.
Dead he is now so ends the devil beast mad hoard.
Sorry to say when into the water we wade,
The legends of Atlantis’s proud grandeur will fade.”