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Thread: Battle of Fates

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    Battle of Fates

    Battle drums echo in the night,
    Two forces clashing in a brutal fight.
    Power is rising,blood is dripping,
    Destroying each others,shredding and ripping.
    The blood covered earth is torn asunder,
    The sky is lit up by a thunder.
    Sparking sword and flying arrows,
    Causing death wherever it goes.

    As the rain is starting to fall,
    Not a single warrior is standing still tall.
    The raging battle is finally over,
    The scent of death has returned to it's cover.

    Another poem,I wrote long ago
    Hope y'all like it

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    Re: Battle of Fates

    Nice job. I rarely like peoples poetry, this poem was really good. Very action packed and brutal.

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    Re: Battle of Fates

    I love it. You capture vividly the chaos of battle. Well artist are consumed by a perceived glory you bring it down to Earth. Again quick and to the point, not a single syllable is wasted.

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    Re: Battle of Fates

    I wrote a poem like this once. I am not quite sure where I will find it but I'll look it up.

    Ah! Here it is! This is the one
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