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Thread: Battle On Ganryu Island: Miyamoto Musashi Fights Kojiro

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    Battle On Ganryu Island: Miyamoto Musashi Fights Kojiro

    A boat approaches a small island made of sand.
    For the most important duel in all of the land.
    Here the deadliest man Nippon has come to know,
    The swordsman called Ganryu Sasaki Kojiro,
    Standing angry with teeth gnashed and fists clenched so tight,
    Has waited three hours for this legendary fight.
    Set on skewering Musashi from head to gut.
    He names his technique, after birds, the swallow cut.
    His weapon is a Bizen sword named “Drying Pole.”
    Kojiro feels it is part of him like his soul.
    His opponent uses a sword made out of wood.
    Like the oar in the boat right next to were he stood.
    Mad Kojiro pulls out his blade, and throws his sheath,
    Yelling at the Shugyosha through those tight gnashed teeth.
    Musashi replies in a way to cause dismay.
    Saying “why would a winner throw a sheath away.”
    The Demon of Western Provinces strikes at his head.
    Many matches ended with his opponent dead.
    But it does not end this way in this serpent hour.
    For Musashi struck too with more speed and power.
    Kojiro’s passion was too fight all day and train.
    Even though bleeding from the head and in great pain,
    He makes a last sweep laying near death on the beach.
    Musashi jumps just out of the sharp, long sword’s reach.
    Only thing he cut that day were his rivals clothes.
    A blow to his chest and on Kojiro’s soul goes.
    Not thinking of the swords secrets he struck in hate.
    May have been just one more inch but he learned too late.
    This is about a real match that took place on an island off of kyushu.

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    Re: Battle On Ganryu Island: Miyamoto Musashi Fights Kojiro

    Indeed a great poem again beast..
    Basing on a legendary swordsman and creating a poem about it is great^^
    Musashi really exists huh???
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Battle On Ganryu Island: Miyamoto Musashi Fights Kojiro

    Ah, that makes me remember good ol' Vagabond. I love that manga.
    Great poem, as always.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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