The Last Lecture is a phrase that professors use, or say, when they are talking about what they would give to their listeners if it was their last time on earth speaking to another human. The Last Lecture is a means to an end with the end result being how/what you want other people to remember you by and what message you wish to get across: It could be live free; follow your dreams; live without regrets; or whatever your mind can come up with.

Theme is The Last Lecture

We will follow a four-beat line style for every line.
An example of a three-beat line style is "The hand that held my wrist" by Theodore Roethke's 'My Papa's Waltz'. The three line beat are the words Hand, Held, and Wrist.

The poem must contain three stanzas each 16 lines (no more or less) and each stanza must contain at least one rhetoric. rhetoric definition |

The poem must be Lyrical and Anadiplosis.

lyrical definition |
anadiplosis definition |

Rhyme Scheme Per Stanza: a,b,b,a c,b,b,c a,d,d,a c,d,c,d

Due Date is June 4th, 2009.

This is a first come first serve. If you wish to take up the challenge, leave a message here. According to the battle poetry thread there can only be one challenger in each battle - along with the initiator.

Be sure to read the rest of the rules in the thread here: Poetry Battle! - Overview

Lastly, do not post your entry in this thread, PM them to Gren when you are finished to keep the contest a mystery until the voting process.