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Thread: The Beast

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    The Beast

    Hiding in another world,
    Everybody hoped its life would be curt.
    The beast - a monster, cold and totally heartless.
    Only born to plunge this world into a mess.
    Actually being a man like you and me,
    This man wore a cloak showing him differently.
    A cloak spun of prejudices and discrimination.
    A cloak spun by the radicals blind with frustration.
    Marked as an outlaw by this cloak,
    The beast's rights were handled like a joke.
    The rights of acceptance, love and liberty,
    Smashed by the radicals so scornfully.
    After freeing from the demon's clutches,
    The beast should be throttled again
    - but this time by the worst of touches.
    A touch which demands your total defeat - your suicide.
    A touch created by the radicals' brutal might.
    Completely unarmed, 'cos the sword of hope was broken,
    Now even the beast's mother couldnt help her child
    - and so the time of injustice was just woken.
    No way to run - No place to hide,
    The hellish touch demanded a dreadful suicide
    Tied up the beast was led to an execution place.
    Being there the awful thing lost its last faith.
    All eyes on the beast, waiting for the suicidal act
    - nobody asked for its crimes,
    And the best: Nobody expected its holy pact.
    Yes, you dear radicals, you will loose,
    'cos I'm the beast's friend - and I'm the one to choose.
    I have the pencil to write this story,
    The beast wont die, but you will say sorry!
    Let's take away this terrible cloak
    - and watch the beast in his heart:
    A broken man, only 16 years old - you're damned cowards.
    This man was just victorious over his father,
    And thanks to me, he'll be victorious over any others.
    Now eye deeply the soul of this man!
    What's the crime committed by him?
    - I will reveal it, 'cos I can.
    He yearns for love - is that a sin?
    Well, I see he loves men, but I say you won't win!
    You wish to devastate a young gay boy.
    For you - tormenting "strange" people - that's a joy.
    But now, dear radicals, it's my turn.
    I'll send you to hell so you will burn.
    Concerning this young gay,
    I promise he will meet a nice boy on his way.
    Now I must go, 'cos there's an urgent need.
    A broken sword asked me to be repaired
    - To it I will give all heed.

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Otaku BAUTIFULSOUL is off to a good start BAUTIFULSOUL's Avatar
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    Re: The Beast

    omg. that was so beautiful. i love it. i dont how to explain the way i feel its just so...i have no clue. but it was just beautiful.


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    Otaku Seirika is off to a good start
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    Re: The Beast

    lol,Thank you very much.
    I feel as though I shouldn't do poems on horror movies,but thank you.Glad that you liked it^^

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Re: The Beast

    Hmm.... very interesting... very nicely written poem-story, I could imagine things perfectly and it reminded me of... of something I seem to know but that has never really happened... hmm... strange it really seems to me like if I'd known someone who has been treated like that (not because of the same reasons though), but if I think about it- I have not! lol o k... you've brought memories that don't exist? That can happen only with me... Great work I must say!!! ^^ lol

    Also the fact that you turn towards such a serious problem makes this poem even better...

    No, really, this is a great work- I've seen better from you, but I rally like this... But now there's another one I have to read ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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