This poem is for all the ladies out there. From every young and mature age out there. I wanted to do something for everyone here. Those that read this poem... feel free to copy and paste it, if you choose to like it. This poem is for all you women and girls out there. I hope that you enjoy this. This will be my Christmas present to all of you. Merry Christmas.

All women are beautiful.
I'd say the most beautiful creation of all.
They are delicate flowers,
that grow in this garden we call life.
they come in all shapes,
and more.
they can be nice and sweet,
and others as strong as can be.
though all the flowers are different,
all of them are beautiful.
i found another beautiful flower today.
with each and every day that passes,
new flowers i see daily.
for all the beautiful flowers in the world,
thank you for being you.
thank you for making this life,
tolerable to one's like me.
Beauty belongs to you,
flowers of life's little garden.

White Rose