You broke my heart
so many times.
You've tore me apart.
I am not fine.

I feel so lonley
and like no one cares.
You hid me away
like old junk under old stairs.

I am so afraid to be happy
because you've beaten me down.
I never smile
I just frown.

I can't walk more then a few steps ahead
for fear that you'll fly off your jets.
I walk behind you on a leash pulled tight
for fear that if I were to stray, you'll start a fight.

You push me down and hold me under
like a rough pirate burying his plunder.
You never speak love and always yell,
turning my live into a living hell.

I sleep alone
every night
for fear of you hurting me
for not laying just right.

I never dream.
I just toss and turn.
Dreams turned to nightmares,
and my happiness you've burned.

You're long gone now
but the scars remain.
No one can help me
or relieve my pain.

I am so empty
and everything is so dark.
give back my heart.

I am the way I am
because you treated me so bad.
My life is a piece of shit
Because... That's the way you made it.

I realize that I've posted this already but i have also changed some of it... so I am re posting it in a "fresh" new post as i have disgarded the other one.... So please enjoy