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Thread: Betrayal

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    As I see them fight over you
    Jealously corrodes my heart

    You had an endless stream of admirers
    While I on the other hand, had to counsel broken hearts
    Could life get any more unfair?

    Then when I had my chance
    You told me to hang back, you advised me to bide my time
    And yet, weeks later, I see you with him
    As a pair; betrayal?

    Were you just out to spite me
    Were you just out to rouse bitter thoughts
    After all I had done for you
    Was this your payment?

    I tried to shrug it away
    I told you I didn’t care
    I told you it was just a stupid crush
    I told you that it was nothing

    But deep down inside
    I knew how much of it were lies
    I know that none of it was the truth
    I joked, but in my heart, it stung

    You are my friend; You were my friend
    I trusted you; yet you broke my faith
    Just like the complacent British
    And the deluded Singaporeans

    I placed too much faith in you
    I believed your words
    You honeyed, consoling words
    You knew the possible consequences
    But you didn’t heed your friendship

    You just threw it away
    You left me to fend for myself
    You betrayed my confidence
    Have you any idea how long it’ll take
    How long before I trust anyone again?


    Written not too long ago... When I was plagued by low self-esteem and friendship troubles. While it's a thing of the past, it's a haunting memory. Friends can easily turn on us just becuase of a simple rumor, another friend, a member of the opposite sex etc. It's a never-ending line of fear...
    I'm sticking to just posting poems here. It appears that there're still every little participants. Unless they all participate when I disappear from this site for a while...

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    Re: Betrayal

    This was a great poem!!!! Really awesome indeed! I would die just to read it over again!!!! It was sad as well so I hope to read more of your great poems!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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