here is my newest one im not quite done with it yet i encountered writers block but here is what i have so far.

You think you know me
That I don't lie
Here's a rude awakening
A very ugly surprise

I've said that I've been faithful
That I've been true to you
Those were filthy nasty lies
There've been plenty of other guys

Your not here so you don't know
What I'm up to when I'm alone
I go out and have fun galore
I won't say what goes on behind closed doors

I keep the truth from you
You'd be heartbroken if you knew
My guilt keeps building up
Like water overflowing a plastic cup

You don't keep things from me
That's complete honesty
I can't come clean to you
My heart is tearing apart in two

A slut and a whore
Cannot describe how I feel
My life is in a downward spiral
Turning it around seems almost impossible

I move from one man to the next
Or I stay with several at a time