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Thread: Better days/ See u later

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    Arrow Better days/ See u later

    [CENTER]One day I jus' sat & trip
    Think'n & remember'n bout' the old days I miss
    Grow'n up way back then or should I say way back when
    blood was thicker than water even wit your friends
    Treated dem' all the same like they was kin
    Those was the better days I call em' see you later days
    If time stayed still I'll keep it no other way

    Back then games was better played
    Who could 4get about hide'n go get it
    chase'n that 1 person who you always wanted to be wit
    Even the young 1's got down & legit
    Play'n house know'n what they was talk'n about
    You be the mother & I be the father
    Don't let you have more cause they can be a bother
    So what do you do ..?

    Make em' your kids a.k.a. the munchkins
    You lay em' down to sleep
    so mom & dad can do the hunch'n
    a.k.a. the creep all thanks to Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC

    Some was a lil grown for their age
    skipped a whole step & already got laid
    But aye' what can I say
    Nothin' really, but dem was the good ol' days
    Call em' see you later days
    Wouldn't change anything wouldn't have it any other way
    Tag became freeze so you was froze at where you stayed

    Every1 had fun when it comes to manhunt
    Just pick your team make sure
    they was either good at hide'n or quick on the scene
    Who could 4get about gett'n dangerous wit that duck called Darkwing
    Yea' he seems to always prevail
    Or how about you wish'n you was rich like Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales
    Want'n to be a Rescue Ranger
    like dem' brothers Chip & Dale
    No case was too big or small
    All you had to do was make that call & they did what it do to just solve...
    Back then that is when Disney was on the ball...

    I can admit I was a lil loon when it came to Tiny Toons
    Thought I was a performer like Hammer Time
    A top dawg Transformer like Optimus Prime
    Carried around anything that looks like a sword cause I wanted to be the man
    By the power of Greyskull like He-Man
    Wanted to protect everything I loved, owned, & shared
    Just like I was a Care Bear
    You can call me soft or whatever I'll be that
    I can also be strong like Panthro from dem' ThunderCats
    I can be mysterious & a loner like The Bat
    also known as the dark night protector
    I enjoyed the laugh of that crazed bird Woody Wood Pecker

    Take me to NeverLand where I can be free & fly wit Tinkerbell & Peterpan
    There I would meet my Beauty who tamed the Beast
    both of us had the desire to be free
    Probably done lost love like Bambi
    But in the end it was meant to be
    You can call it Fantasia my magical fantasy
    My childhood that was made, but also part ways
    Dem' was the better days
    I call em' see you later daysCENTER]
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    Re: Better days/ See u later

    Hands Down! Probably the best poem I've ever read on here. I dont know how many people would really get it... But I got it.
    The writing style is mad urban, I lOVE it.. this would make great spoken word.
    You brought back a whole bunch of childhood memories for me.
    A+ For you my friend.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Better days/ See u later

    OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!! NOW THAT WAS A POEM THERE. I love it. Yes like peach said this has got to be the best so far. I love it!!!! Your a Care Bear.lol That was a really good poem. I hope you have more of those. I would really like to see them. lol. Keep up the excelent work.(^.^)

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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