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Thread: Better Than I've Ever Been

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    Better Than I've Ever Been

    Better than I've ever been
    In whatever I'm ever in
    Only a few good men
    I should know
    Cause I'm one of them

    Build my own palace of place
    Like I was playing Sims
    Telling you this is why I'm hot
    Like that boy Mims

    So put your lighters up
    Just like Lil Kim
    Candles lit
    I'm ready to release my therapy
    Who's the one better than me

    Get in front of the line so I can see
    Professor of my class
    All I do is teach
    I'm so far gone you can't touch
    Hands are out of reach

    A heavy hitter
    I probably should go str8 to the major league
    Green is not your color
    So you probably should get rid of all that hate & envy
    Way past my prime
    So I'm ahead of my time

    Even in total darkness
    You can say I shine
    Illuminate any 99 problems that's mine
    Don't know the words give up or stop trying
    Look defeat in the eyes
    And say tell the truth & stop lying

    Only one who can beat me is myself
    And no one else
    Everything I lost
    I paid the price
    With my own cost

    Not everything was my fault
    But I manned up & took it as an "L"
    Just like I played for the Atlanta Hawks
    Employed to my own self
    So I'm the boss

    Yes sir, no sir
    My signs up
    So do not disturb
    My friends want to stay in the streets
    But they stuck on the curb
    I'll ride through for them
    And that's my word

    My view on the perspective
    Is some what like a bird
    I see clearer now
    Like glasses on a nerd
    Talk what you know
    And forget what you heard

    Cleaner than I've ever been
    So quit throwing dirt
    I changed my whole wardrobe
    While you just switched your shirt
    Feeling like Christina Aguilera
    Cause all I do is hurt

    Family & friends can have more doubt & enmity
    Than your enemy
    And that is worst
    Been blessed well
    But got it bad with this curse

    Mama saying that I need church
    I reply I got to get this money first
    The two don't mix
    Like telling a secret over a chirp
    That's why I feel 50 with Get Rich or Die Trying
    So until then
    Or until I am being carried in a hearse

    I will quote one Bible verse
    "Judge not, that you be not judged
    For the judgment you pronounce you will be judge
    And the measure you give
    Will be the measure you get"

    In judging another
    You are judging yourself
    I wonder what will happen
    If I judge myself

    I am better than I've ever been
    In whatever I'm ever in
    Only a few good men
    I should know
    Cause I am one of them

    "Hope is the faith you have; Faith is your will to believe in hope..."

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    Re: Better Than I've Ever Been

    Oh, wow! I love this one as much as the last one!!! Keep it up!!

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    "Because it's okay to hide your tears." - LM.C (Lovely Mocochang)

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