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Thread: Big girls don't Cry.

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    Big girls don't Cry.

    Yes i know you have to leave,
    You're probably on a plane by now.
    I really don't know what else to say.
    I have to do this for myself this time.

    Amidst all that is said,
    i dont know what else is true
    what is said is a lie.

    I can't let the tears fall
    everytime i grow up and deal with pain.
    I have to leave and let you be,
    time for me to do a little growing up.

    Don't take this bad, this isn't about you.
    I have to make my way and decide.
    I have to grow up a bit and make sure
    I love myself fully and that my world
    doesn't evolve around someone else.

    It seems i will not have my cinderella story,
    I had to found out the hard way
    and that if i dont love myself
    make my mind and heart see
    I can be more than I appear to be.

    I can still be your friend
    as we will always be, no bad blood between us .
    Friendship is what we've always had
    and i know that we'll be together
    but you have to understand
    I have to few things to figure out for myself, for my heart and soul.

    The tears will not fall
    As i watch you walk away
    As i see your plane leaving
    I have to be strong for both of us.
    I know i know if i let them flood
    I will be the reason you can't go.
    I have to grow up sometime soon.
    But as i was told big girls don't cry.

    author's note i wrote this poem based on a song i heard a few years back by fergie and well it seems only fit to put it here on AO since i have to write it down and well get it out of my system.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Big girls don't Cry.

    i like this one but you could have lessened the length i am not so sure anyone will read a poem this long.

    and sometimes its good to cry......................no need to hold back tears if you have to let go.
    The love of my life was not born perfect,nor was she meant to be, but she is the only one for me.

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