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Thread: Birds Should Be Allowed To Walk

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    Birds Should Be Allowed To Walk

    Comments and critiques are welcome as always.

    Birds Should Be Allowed To Walk

    You said, "You can paint a mural of the heavens
    So long as you keep it in blacks and whites and
    Don't stray from this paper." So I took my pen in
    Hand and darkened the face of the angels for after all,
    You have faith and this looks ever like your heart.
    Sometimes we all need to remember that it's those
    With saddest of hearts that make for the kindest
    Of people; but you always had just one emotion.

    And outside my window sill there's an army of ants
    All vying and moving for positions and I just
    Want to yell and tell them that their life means
    Nothing that a machine couldn't replicate. But I
    Guess I'm no better wasting my life with ink
    And paper as I scribble down my ideal ideologies.

    Over the fuss of the ant hills there's a wizened old
    Bird, chirping away about how my feathers don't
    Match the others and don't fly as high as they
    Should, but maybe I'm just fine with living
    On the ground. Maybe some birds should be allowed
    To walk on the ground if that's what they want.

    Who's more right when it comes to faith, the man
    Who believes with a smile or the man who believes
    With a curious glare? Well I may not have been
    To Israel or Jerusalem or Cassadaga and I may
    Never see the actual light of day but at least
    My heart pumps because I make it and not because
    That's what it's trained to do.

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    Re: Birds Should Be Allowed To Walk

    Very very good sweetheart ^-^ I love the style you used, and I love the comparisons. I love you!
    Dear Dinah...

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