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Thread: Bitter Hole

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    I'm not sure what it was at first...
    Hunger? Acid? Or was my mind just playing some kind of game on me?
    Because it felt more like a black hole...located just above my stomach.
    Maybe I was just getting sick? The flu?
    Or maybe it was the pressure of exams, call of alcohol and...

    I only realized what the cause of it was when he came.

    I never knew I was missing a piece of myself...
    I'd always considered myself unlike other girls...
    Somehow lucid in emotionally confusing situations...
    The logic one to point out things my friends wouldn't see,
    Since their sight was clouded and...

    I felt all warm and comfortable when he came.

    'There must be some other reason...any other!' I told myself.
    'Hormones...or I may even be going clinically insane!'
    I craved his presence, yet was terrified at what I may do.
    So I avoided him at all costs, unknowing to me he did the same...
    But fate found us in a situation which required us to be close.

    I should have moved away, but instead came closer...his breathing sped up as I fought to slow mine down.

    I didn't understand anything that was going on...couldn't focus on anything...
    His being filled all my senses...smell, his body giving off gentle heat, I wondered what he tasted like...
    I still can't believe what was going on...my body on fire one minute and cold the next.
    He was my best friend! He flirts with so many prettier girls...should i feel jealous?
    Or just give up the fight while I can?

    I wanted to get rid of this feeling, and yet am desperate for even more.

    It was the end of the week...I wasn't going to see him for 2 days.
    I took one last glimpse of him as he played football...
    Ha ha ha...he always said that his charm would eventually work on me...
    I denied it fervently and just days ago he finally gave up...
    Imagine, it finally worked when he promised... though my conscience doesn't bother me about that...

    That was when I realized...I had always loved him, he was my friend...no...now...I am in love with him

    :-1 thank u for sharing my experience from reading.
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