I have received some criticism about my poems being to short. Rest assure I can write long poems But lets face it the longer a poem is the more boring it is. So here is my response.

Navy, Marines, and pirates meet to fight off Africa’s west coast.
Through the storm the Marines see the ship of Bart’s that they want the most.
Patiently waiting, the trained Gunners Mates time the cannons just right.
Thunder of cannon and the sky mark the beginning of the fight.
Clouds darken the sea though it is many hours before night starts,
The day is dark but nothing is any blacker than that soul of Bart’s.
Muzzle flash erupts rapidly, flickering in the rainy dark.
Dead and wounded men falling overboard become food for some shark.
Seeing a chance one Naval ship catches the wind and starts to ride.
At an instant they pull right up the cursed enemy ship’s side.
A pumped gunnery sergeant can see his supposedly fierce prize.
Focused intensely on Black Bart a fire blazes in his dark eyes.
Bart’s ship is damaged bad and by nightfall the ship will be a wreck.
It is a gamble, but the Gunney runs fast and lands on the deck.
A young pirate rushes him, he points his rifle and pulls the trigger.
He smashes another’s face in, he has trained through so much rigor.
He has come too far from his home in pursuit of Black Bart to fail.
It has been almost a year to catch him that their crew has set sail.
A pistol shot from him sends one more man off the edge, into the sea.
They are losing, some of the ships that are in Bart’s fleet start to flee.
He makes his way, fast, to the main villain with his saber in hand.
Black Bart pulls out his cutlass and the blades spark in dark as they land.
He makes a bad mistake and the Gunney thrusts with arms, back, and hips.
Sadly for the Gunney the point misses as Bart suddenly trips.
A man gets in the way, the Leather Neck Sends him flying with fist.
Sharks tear out his spine, rip off both of his legs, and gnaw his wrist.
A ship passes close to their bow, Bart sees a chance to get away.
He is going to jump to the other ship and hide at the bay.
As he jumps they swing a rope out from the side of the other ship.
Nimble Black Bart leaps for it, and he almost has it in his grip.
The Gunney grabs his saber as a spear, he worked hard to be best.
He throws, as Bart grabs, the saber is in his back and out his chest.
His body hit’s the marlin but his hands are unable to press.
By the time he hit’s the raging ocean his body is lifeless.