I live in a world where the skies are red,
And the ground isn't real.
I live in a world where the nights are black,
And the midnight rains blacker.

My face slowly tilts to the darkness
Of the night,
And the feel the rains, thick and heavy
Like blood,
And black like ink
Turn me all to black
Except my skin.
I feel the black rain hit my cheeks,
Crying for me,
And feeding my sorrows.
Slowly, I feel everything drain from me,
I die again.

I wake up to my red sky,
Reborn to die again.
The sun and moon rising for the day.
I see, far off, a land that seems happy.
I go towards it, looking for what it promised.
The day seemed forever,
But the land of salvation was near.
Before I reached eternal freedom, I looked back,
And saw a land dying without me to feed it,
Drenched by the black rain
Of my sorrows.

(sorry if the picture doesn't fit)