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Thread: black rose

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    black rose

    Dark and sweet
    Are black roses,
    Thorns like razors
    And the stem gently poses.

    In the darkness
    Their radiance glows,
    And in the light
    Their shadow shows.

    Black and true,
    Like eternal night
    I try to pick one
    With no avail.

    For their beauty
    Is not for me,
    So I cry with a saddened plea,
    For I cannot touch
    Their eternal beauty.

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    Re: black rose

    That was pretty well done. It showed me much more than one could expect from a lack of description.. Or maybe you just packed it all into the small words that words just as well?

    Whatever way it all seemed to flow quite well, your rhymes were on the spot and they were uber-duper. The title wasn't capitalized but the rest of it seemed good on spelling and such.

    I wonder though, what is this black rose you cannot reach? For what reason have you to cry, when there is beauty all around the world. Or maybe this rose is just the right one for you?

    Anyway, I liked it. Kudos.

    "Walk in with Reason, and leave with Passion."

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    Re: black rose

    very nice im not very good at making poems the title reminds me of the character blackrose from dot hack

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    Re: black rose

    i liked it. i like how you stuck to one writing style but then switched it up at the end. it was a nice change of pace and unexpected. nice.
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