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Thread: Black Sheep

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    Black Sheep

    I'm the black sheep in your Christmas Nativity scene.

    I have no shepard.

    You dont watch over me... you just observe.
    Just judge me.

    Not like the rest of you little puffy, white fleeced followers.
    I go out and a different journey.

    Nope... I aint got a job...
    I just raise my kids.
    I can speak my mind...
    You might pump your fist.
    I may have been dismissed.
    I may have loved someone...
    When I wasn not even missed.
    May be at the bottom of the list.
    But, picture this...
    I still see bliss!
    The reward of a childs kiss.

    So keep your jobs...
    Point your fingers.
    Go ahead and remind me...
    I hope it lingers.

    Because thats gonna drive me.
    From my own self worth you can't deprive me.
    I'll be everything I strive to be.
    You me be being lied to...
    But you cant lie to me.
    I'm the Black Sheep.
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