The shell I'm in...
It's black and lightless.

Without a form,
other than the perfect circle,
for which my naked body,
is trapped in...

curled in a ball,
i am...
knees by my chin,
and feet tucked against me.

nothing to keep me,
from my thoughts,
other than the feeling of,
dark energies that drain me,
of the existance of a smile.

nothing more than this void,
has my life become.
not that i've let it,
oh hell no...

I've tried to break this bond,
when the time i had room to swing,
was far more than i needed,
to wrap my anger around a punch.

now i'm uncomfortable in this chamber,
and unable to move,
though unwilling to give up.

i'll need help to break this now,
as i have little faith left.

the only question in my mind is,
can anyone hear me,
outside of this cage?

i scream one good time,
and wait for a reply...........................

By: White Rose