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Thread: bleedig wont stop

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    bleedig wont stop

    the bleeding wont stop
    i cut to deep
    my hand is numb
    im falling asleep

    the pain is great
    i still cant believe
    when i need you the most
    you are not there for me

    my face is wet
    why am i crying
    you are making her laugh
    while im here dying
    but before i leave
    i just want to say
    that i will alway love you
    and you will miss me so much
    but i will not be there anymore

    i cut to deep
    now i must die
    so good bye

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    Re: bleedig wont stop

    You didn't write this: Emo Poems and Poetry : Bleeding Wont Stop

    You love emo guys enough to steal their poetry, thats cold.

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