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Thread: Bless This Soul

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    Bless This Soul

    If you wish to incite my anger
    Take away from me a part of my soul
    These words are me livelyhood
    Each taking me to a world all my own

    If you wish to be murdered
    Incite my anger, when its already blazing
    Oh bless that poor soul in that day

    The more passionate I feel
    The more dangerous I become
    No inhibitions, nothing will hold back my fury
    Be cautious of how you tread when I am ready to explode

    Patient and quiet id what you see
    Burning desire and rage is what I feel
    Your reality means nothing to me
    Only what I feel is important, your reality is not worth the air you breathe

    For one day you will perish by ny hand
    In that day I will steal the soul from your body
    And continue living on
    So hurry and die
    For I want to begin life a new

    As usual if you find any errors let me know.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Bless This Soul

    Very good as always, I didn't see no problems in it when i was reading it. I loved the wording in it and the emotion that was shown .Love the picture with it as well
    ....Player Killer....
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    Re: Bless This Soul

    That is very good.
    I love makeing poems.
    This was beautiful

    Don't trust me....

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