Thanks for all you've done.
Don't worry, I didn't forget.
I hope you are the one who reads this first.
You're the one for whom this is ment.
I can't believe you did this.
Why did you take their lives?
They did nothing to you.

I am.
I am the one who did it.
But I was a coward and a theif.
I am nothing, worth nothing to you, to her, to anyone.
This will be the end. I am the one who set the fuse.
Let the sounds of death commence.
I have nothing because I did everything.

Words into mouths.
That's what always happens.
We can never stop it, people love to make up things about others.
Especially when they turn out true. But you don't know anything about that.
Do you?

Second and the last.
That's what you always were. You will always be that. Even to today.
You always tried to take other places. Even other places of lives.
But that still got you nowhere now did it?
You may think it did, but what happened to them, usually happens to him.
Take aim, my blessed barrel. Goodbye.

Heh, you see me on that floor? Next to the window and the rocking chair?
I wanted to see the world as it was before I died.
To see how cruel it was. How it was in final damnation.
Just like me.
Sit, stare, play the sound of my calling.
These were my directions.

Writer's Notes: I just wanted to have a little fun writing this. It's kidna confusing, but I wanted it to be like that. But also, that might make it kinda bad. Anyways, it has a hidden meaning if you haven't figured it out. But I think it's quite easy to find it. If you read carefully, you should find out.