Blessed Healing Beyond My Death

Open, open this bolted door
And find Your way into my core,
For my heart burns and tingles sore
And crumbles greatly even more.

I struggle deeply with Your Word
And sin has my heart so shattered.
I wish for more of me be cured
From love, Your grace, Your peace for sure.

My soul is wand’ring all alone
Amidst the wind and bitter cold
That bites and tears my pale skin so
As it to stain a reddish glow.

Within the storm of wearing wind,
Which represents my burden, sin,
I hear a faint voice whispering
That sounds afar a silent ring.

At first I cannot here it well,
And somewhere through the storm it fell.
I then but here it like a bell
Just barely through a darkened well.

The storm doth fade and there I go
In flander’s fields where poppies grow
To lay my burdens down below
By men that died some time ago.

And thus my spirit flies away
Above the many shades of grey
Into a light where I may stay.
To Him I offer all my praise.

My body stands strong like a tree,
My spirit freely shines in me,
And mind and soul do rest in peace
While my heart loves to be with Thee.