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Thread: Blood is White

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    Blood is White

    I am running in this dream but I dont know why,
    I look down at my hands and all i see is the color of white.

    As I think to myself it's paint, but as i pull my hands closer to my face I do not smell paint but no wait it can't be DEATH!!!
    There's blood all over my hands and for some reason i start to cry,
    Then as i open my mouth to scream it is not my voice that I hear but a loud ringing sound.

    Right then i open my eyes and im back in my room,
    Sweat is running down my face and my heart keeps on beating faster and faster.

    I turn over onto my side and curl up into a ball and i say to myself
    "It was all just a dream thank god it was just a dream"
    Then as I look back down at my hands the paint was still on them..............

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    Re: Blood is White

    Its ok.Its not great but fairly good.I liked that you didn't do the same "I see blood on my hands and i start to cry" sort of thing. I give it a 7 and a half out of 10

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    Re: Blood is White

    Per July's POTM theme, your poem must be titled "A Search for Beauty" and be relevant to that title. Since this doesn't follow the theme, I'm moving it to the general poetry forum.
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