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Thread: The Blues

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    The Blues

    Stuck in here living with whitescale harmony
    Nothing ever changes, everything's the same
    Walking like a robot without a soul
    We've all been programmed, turned into machines
    No questions, no doubts all the world is happy

    Here you are
    Stuck with the generality blues

    Everything stinking of white hospital walls
    A whole generation conforming to an invisible force
    Sitting with the button stuck on repeat
    Life's just one great big magician trick
    In the end it's still some fake sham

    Here you are
    Stuck with the realization blues

    Seeing the lie for what it is, staring it down
    Going crazy now that you can see clear
    No more grayscale monotones haunting the night
    Just a world of lonely insanity to keep away the cold
    Everything fell away when the program failed

    So here you
    Stuck with the suicide blues

    Don't remember if I posted the original of this before, I might have. But this one is is the remade version, it got changed a lot.. the first stanza is the only one that has a bit of the original in it.

    But in any case, enjoy the poem.
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    Re: The Blues

    I love it, I think it goes beyond anything I've seen before. as in big picture wise. It's amazing, and quite true. it's beautiful

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    Re: The Blues

    i feel that a lot thats why ive become so laid back your fate is sealed at birth so why fight live like a robot and follow orders and stary a little bit or lot at time but even then fate knows what your doing WHOA your poem made me type that i love it

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