The boy who sits alone-

Over there,
can't you see,
there is he,
siting there all alone,
never looking,
never trying,
always alone,
there is people like he,
it could have been you or me,
mybe you sit alone,
to hide and be rejected,
to just be alone,
to try to like it,
to reject the people,
to have a secret hope,
for someone new,
death is a thought,
never brought through,
not all the same,
it is he,
not you and me,
let us save it that way.

Some of us know how that feals to be rejected form the whole of people to know that of the hope that someone will come and sit by you have share the space. But of nature there is others who never know this feeling and never expericed it well I have I was a rejected for 3 years of my early life and for the past two years I have been so close to haveing no friends again and thoughts of death. If not for the one person who thought to go over and sit by the one person who sat alone was all it took to change that. For me it gave me this year to live. So think of this next time you see a person who sits alone and has his or her head down go over and sit by them. It might help them that much. T.T