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    Our story begins in an abandoned warehouse where 5 unsuspecting wonderers will go on the journey of their lives...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

    ----Chapter 1----

    Five wonderers were walking up to an abandoned warehouse. Each was very cold and wet do to the rain pouring down above them.
    One of the wonderers shielded his eyes and tried to yell over the howling wind, "Hey, let's go and stay in there until the rain stops guys!"

    Another wanderer cupped his hands over his mouth and replied, "Yeah let's go before it rains any harder!"

    The wonderers continued toward the building. A man walked out. The young travelers could not see the man. He stood too deep in the heavy shadows of the warehouse.
    His gruff voice boomed out, "Who goes there? Answer now!"

    The wonderers sped up to a trot. When they were close enough, they halted.
    One of the wonderers stepped forward and introduced all of them to the man, "I am Josh and these are my friends: Tim, Reid, Drew, and Steven. We need a place to stay just until the rain calms down. After that, were out of here, alright?" Josh stepped back.

    The five boys look at each other and then back at the man in the shadows.
    "Alright you may stay, but don't get comfortable. After the rain you're out of here!" He turned around and walked into the warehouse. He turned again and said, "By the way, my name is Dr. Oomog."

    The five boys walk quickly into the warehouse to get out of the rain. The warehouse was filled with potions of blue, red, yellow, clear, and pink.
    Tim was the first to speak, "What are all these potions for Dr. Oomog?"

    The Doc did not look up from what he was doing and replied, "It's none of your business so leave it alone! Listen up, you're here just for awhile so don't touch a thing you understand me? Good!"

    The five boys walked slowly to the side and sat down on the floor, except Tim, he leaned against the wall. All of a sudden there was a clashing sound. Dr. Oomog turned his head quickly, noticing that Tim had just knocked over a red potion with a flame symbol on it. He turned his body towards Tim. He was slowly walking backwards, a worried expression on his face.
    "Look at what you did!" said Dr. Oomog

    Tim also had a scared look on his face on "Is that bad? Because I tried to pick it up and it slipped and I dropped it on the--"

    Dr. Oomog interrupted Tim, "Get back, It's starting!"

    Everything was moving fast. Dr. Oomog ran toward a back door and tries to open it.
    Steven asked in a worried tone, "What's going on Doc? What's really in that potion?"

    The Doc grunted as he tried to open the door once more. Then he replied, "In that bottle was a chemical that could manipulate the human genetic code! It will most likely kill us all!"

    When they heard this they ran towards the door to help open it, but they were to late. Every chemical exploded and burst on them all. All of the travelers blacked out. When all of them woke up, they noticed that Dr. Oomog was gone. The same question was on everyone's mind, "What happened to us?"

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

    ----Chapter 2----

    The first thing the travelers noticed was what happened to themselves. Then, they saw what happened to their companions. Josh's arm was on fire, but he didn't appear to have any physical pain. Drew's fingers were gushing out water. Although, his hand stayed completely dry. Part of Tim's face turn into rock, but he had all muscle stimulation there. Reid's hair and clothing shifted as if in a hurricane. None of the others felt even a slight breeze. Lastly, Steven had bits of stone, dirt, and metal floating around him.
    Josh rubbed his head and said, "Hey guys do you see what I see?"

    They all nodded, everyone else was still speechless.
    Finally, Tim stands up and says, "Hey guys, look!"

    Tim threw his hands into the ground and huge piles of rock start forming into something familiar.
    Tim smiled approvingly, "Hehehehe. The Eiffel Tower, and it only took 10 seconds. Ehehehe. Stupid French people.

    Drew's face suddenly turned red and steam, "Hey Tim, stop messing around! We have to find that old man and ask him what happening to us!"

    Reid smiled and said, "I don't care what happened to us. I like it, look I can fly!"

    Steven said, "Hey, let's look inside the warehouse and see if he's still in there."

    "Good thinking Steven, but how we going to get in there? It's all--" Steven did not let Josh finish.

    "Leave it to me!"

    Steven lifted his hands. The pile of metal moved wherever he pointed. He set the metal beside warehouse.
    Tim was jealous, "Ah man, he got the good power," he started mumbling to himself, "All I get is this rock power. Just call me Rocky! Lousy power..."

    Both Josh and Drew said, "Let's go!"

    The five boys walked into the warehouse. They find a huge mess on the floor; cracked bottles, stone chips, and metal fragments, but no Doc. Suddenly the warehouse begins to shake and the roof starts to collapse.
    Steven took a hasty look up and yelled, "You guys get out first! I'll hold the building up!" Steven rose his arms and grimaced.

    The walls of the warehouse toppled, but the roof stayed up, as if floating.
    When they were outside outside, Josh whispered to Drew, "How does he know how to use his powers so fast?"

    Drew shrugs and they all watch Steven. He was inching his way closer to the edge of the warehouse. When he was close enough, he dove out, leaving the roof crashing down behind him. They couldn't find the Doc, but they were going to keep looking for him.
    ---CHAPTER 3---

    The five boys were walking off into an ally in the dark (still still testing out there powers and wondering about the Doc who was still out there missing, wounded, or even simply dead.) when they here a voice close in the ally.
    some coices came from the ally and said,"Ahhh... ahhhh it hurts man"
    The five boys run up and notice two other boys were lying next to a pile of metal moaning to each other of some a dreadful pain.

    Reid said,"What happened to you guys?"

    The two boys slowly look up at Reid and the others and the first boy started to talk.
    The first boy got up said,"We were walking... and we heard some people yelling so we uhhh hid in the bushes and--"

    The boy stops and the other continues where he left off.
    Then the other boy said,"We went into the bushes and saw a warehouse and suddenly a huge explosion came about us and blew us like twenty feet in the air... the explosion didn't hurt as much as the fall, though."

    Josh, Reid, Steven, Drew and Tim look at eachother and move closer to the boys to help them up slowly.

    Drew answers the boy with,"What's your guys' name?"

    The two boys at drew.

    The first told the other his name, "Jared"

    Then the other spoke up too, "Joseph"

    Josh ask the boys,"Do you guys fill any different?"

    Jared answer with a confuse look on his face,"Uhmmm... No not really. How come?"

    Steven told the boys,"Well, when we were in the explosion we were givin some awesome powers."

    Tim ask,"Did anything happen like that to you guys?"

    Joseph turn to Tim and said,"Well we haven't been doing anything after the explosion so we don't really know, we are still kind of hurt."

    Josh slowly glances down at Joseph's feet and looks up.

    Josh ask Joseph,"Does your feet feel cold Joseph?"

    Joseph said, "No why?"

    Josh points down and Joseph notice his feet are completely covered in ice.

    Jared jumps back and askes, "What's that mean man?"

    Tim got upset and said, "Ahhh man he has ice powers! He just like IceMan off X-man! Man all I got is rock powers (stupid rocks)."

    Reid looks at Jared's hands and notice some type of light coming out of it.

    Reid tells the others, "I think Jared guy has some type of electricty type power."

    Josh agrees with Reids comment,"Looks like he does."

    Jared and Joseph look at each other and then look at the others.

    Jared cries out,"Ahh man how are we going to get out of this mess?"

    Steven answers Jared cry with,"Why don't you join us because we are on our way to find Doctor Oomog who was lost in the explosion and he's probably knows some type of cure for this."

    Jared and Joseph look at each other and shrug.

    Jared tells the others,"Okay we'll go, we have nothing else to do anyway."

    Josh then tells the two boys everybodys name and power,"Okay my name is Josh I have fire as my power, this is Reid he has air , Tim back there talking to himself can use the earth to make stuff as his power, that's drew, he's always quiet, he uses water, and that's Steven he's not really anyhing special, but he has Telekinesis."

    The two new boys join Josh and the others on the way to find the Doc to figure out how they can be cure walking towards the ware house.

    Steven then gives a suggestion,"We can have like code names. Maybe we can be super hero-- What the heck!"


    Tim yells as some strange thang appears in front of him,"Ahhhhhh...."
    Tim flys foward and a strange creature approaches out of the bushes....

    To be continued...

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

    A story i wrote that is still in progress. These are chapter 1-3
    oh and if you like it plz tell me thx.
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    Re: Brain

    It's interesting... do please continue... it's actually really good...
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    Re: Brain

    Thats alot but it's realy good

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    Re: Brain

    To be honest I wasn't going to read this. It seem to long at first, but man this was good, and funny. I like Tim, he seem like the one that may betare them, or just be one of those gouys that re never happy, and the leaders cool too. Very clever story. I like it.
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    Re: Brain

    thx i'll send chapter 4-5 and five now.

    Chapter 4

    Tim was lying on the ground in a daze. He was completely unaware of what was happening.

    Josh: Oh my gawd! Tim! Are you alright?

    Tim sat up.

    Tim: I guess so... what happend?

    Tim: Oh shit!

    The creature that stood before them looked mostly like a man. Although he also looked somewhat like you would see in a classic horror movie. Or something that you might see in hell.

    It had a body mostly like man but there was an abnormal amount of hair, or even fur all over his body. And his eyes were glowing a bright red color.

    He was panting heavily and had a strange glow all around him.

    Drew: Oh gawd!
    Drew put his hands around his mouth and screamed at the top of his lungs:

    Drew: Help! Someone help!
    Josh: What is that?
    Tim: I thank it's the Doc.

    Steven: It couldn't be the Doc. Could it?

    Reid: It could because he was highly expose with chemicals as we were.

    Drew: Well why it turn him into that ugly thing I mean wouln't he have powers like us you know ice or fire or something like this.

    Joseph: Well he could of gotton a more highly effect of this potion or radioactice material.

    Tim and Jared both look at each other and whispers to each other

    Drew: What you to mumbling about?

    Tim: Well you guys are talking in scientific type way and we aren't that smart well we just say he was effect more than us.

    The creature hurdle towards them and Josh and Reid both jump out of the way and use there powers against him.
    Reid swirls his hands in the air creating a ball of wind while Josh made a ball of fire and they both combine these to energy creating a ball of wind and fire shooting it directly at the Doc. Which then of course made him angrier.

    Jared, Jospeh, Tim, and Drew: Oh Shit.

    The Doc. landed right on top of them and begin to swing but before the Doc. got to harm them Tim slam his legs into the ground causing a big ledge to come straight up out of the ground and knocking him off of them.

    Drew got up and threw his hands forward and stomp his feet cause a boldge of water to heap up annd knock Doc. back down.

    Tim: Now it's time to take out the trash.
    Tim stomp his leg down on the ground as hard as he could causing a major earthquake and making a splited fault line go towards the Doc. and cracking open and swallowing him.

    Joseph: So that was the Doctor Oomog you guys were talking about.

    Reid: Yep thats him.

    Jared: So now what...I mean hes gone and he's probably the only one that can help us out.

    Drew: Well I don't know about you guys but I like these powers and would love to keep them.

    Josh: Well me too but we still look for someone to help us.

    They all noded and walk off where they left the Doc. dead under the Earth...or is he.

    To be continue...
    Chapter 5

    It had been at least seven days and no sign of any life form, as though the explosion had blown up all signs of life and no one else is alive except them.
    Steve walks ahead of the gang and looks around Tim and Jared join him while talking and laughing about funny storys. Joseph head hang low and didn't talk much as they search for any type of life-form while walking on the road. Josh and Drew were agruing about where to go and find a Doc. who could probably help them.

    Reid walk up to Joseph and ask, "Why some gloom man?"

    Joseph look up and answer him and a soft tone voice,"It's just that I'm worry that my family might be hurt or something because of that explosion."

    Reid answer back with a happy and chearful voice,"Hey man maybe your family is still around... Where they live."

    Joseph look up and said,"The next town over."

    Reid said to Joseph,"No big man maybe the explosion didn't reach that far."

    Jared, Tim, and Steven look back and answer at the same time,"Yeah, maybe."

    Josh and Drew join the others as they talk and walk with them. Tim look up at the skky and watch the clouds wither by, everything was going great...


    Tim jump back with a huge scratch down his shirt. Josh and the others ran forward and join Tim.

    Josh ask,"What is that?"

    Reid responded with,"Looks like a bear."

    Jared look at Reid and said,"No that can't be a bear... Bears don't have claws that extends to 3feet out and have slober running from it's mouth..Plus they are for sure not green.. Bears are brown, hello."

    Drew look at the bear and answer to the others,"Maybe it was effect with the chemical."

    Joseph look up and yell,"What!"

    Jared walk up and said with confendence,"Maybe this whole town was effected and every thing is like this."

    Tim jump back as the creature got closer, "Hey guys why it looking at me like that for?"

    Josh answer back at Tim, "Maybe it grew some tension between you and wants to settle it."

    The rose up on his hind legs and swung at Tim. Tim jump back and and landed back on his hands and knees.

    Tim yelled out, "Find if you want to play little teddy bear let's play!"

    Tim jump in the air and struck the ground with great force. A huge spike flung from the ground and knocking the bear backwards. The bear lunge his body back up and charge at Tim with anger in his eyes.

    Josh jump forward, "No you don't!"
    A huge ball of fire comes straight out of his arms and hits the bear side, knocking it backwards.

    Drew ran forward yelling, "Mine turn!" As he ran he form his fist into water and yelling at Reida and said, "Reid use your wind power on my arm. Reid then immeditly knoded his head and gush a pound of wind against Drew arms forming his arms into a ice one.

    Drew jump and yell, "TAKE THIS!" striking the bears face causing it to get knock up into the air.

    Jared ran forward and yell to Joseph "Hey Jo throw a ice ball to me."
    Joseph immeditly form and ice and threw it to Jared and as the ball flown threw the air he then yell to Steven "Hey Steven pick me up in the air now."

    As Steven pick Jared up, Jared struck lighting at the ball and struck it with his feet sending it flying towards the bear and striking it dead on.

    Reid then gather wind in his hand and lunge it forward at the bear and causing it to fly in the air and disappear.

    They had defeated the bear and were relief. Josh wrap his hands around the others and said to them, "Team for as long as we have these awesome powers.
    They all straighten up and walk off on the road still searching for a sign for any human life-form.

    to be continue...

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