I think of nothing,
Because my thoughts have been wasted of,
How my life was, it used to be, it was meant to be.
There is nothing to think of when I,
Breathe no more.

Who shall hear my silent screams?
When I lie in a box for humans?
Silence is in amplified reversal,
Proof that it is my only companion.
Intiation into death,
My soul plunged into eternal light,
My body unwanted,
Breathing no more.

Who I used to be,
Is now just a flicker of a memory.
As life's decomposers have another meal.
Feasting away the reminders of yesterday.
And I am indifferent,
Breathing no more.

The people who had the knowledge of my existence,
Shall this knowledge still exist?
Or was my existence a dream,
Like all their dreams, a temporary duration.
Will I ever be remembered,
Although I breathe no more.

Life has come, life has gone.
My soul where ever it departed for,
Will find rest, torture or a new life, reborn.
My earthly riches are no more,
But time is a luxury which I have indirectly bought.
Time is forever my possession.
When I breathe no more.