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Thread: Brightened Skies

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    Brightened Skies

    I can see clearly again
    not obsesssed with revenge!
    Just look at me now...
    I've got so many friends.
    My broken heart...
    Pieced together again.
    I've come back from darkness...
    Anger and hate.
    Beyond the doors
    and the closed gates.
    I'm alive...I'm free.
    It's just so good...
    To Finally be "Me."

    Author Note: Yeah...True Story. I'm such much better now in my life than the Lonely Nobody I've been for the last two years. Whether I stay like this forever is beyond me.

    Like most of my peoms, This was just made of Random Rhyming and thoughts in my head. Go figure.

    Read, Review, Critism, Suggestions?
    Do Tell! ^_^;
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    Re: Brightened Skies

    very good i like it uhh..kinda scary though,but very emotional and i love the feelings............can't wait for more
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    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: Brightened Skies

    I like it cause I feel the pain where you came/come from... (I can actually still be there) But n*e*ways it was short, but also explanatory poem with much feeling... Good job!!! Thumbs up for me... ^_^

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