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Thread: The Broken Child

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    The Broken Child

    This is the poem that got published, after I entered a contest that I didnt remember entering, not do I remember writing the poem ^_^! I hope that you all enjoy it, And to be honest I think that the book was only ever published in the states, it is called "Forever Spoken". What I found really cool is that mine was the first in the book. lol.


    A shattered heart
    And lost soul.
    Confused mind,
    Forgotten Dreams.

    As angels fly,
    The wind blows.
    As we cry,
    The rain falls.

    Rushed time,
    Aging hours.
    Aimless hopes,
    Forgiven darkness.

    Hopes of light,
    Banished evil.
    Live on forever,
    The broken child.

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    Re: The Broken Child

    Very nice. A contemplation of whether to take the path of good or evil perhaps?

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