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Thread: Broken Heart

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    Broken Heart

    He loved me. Ever sinced we met.
    He would kiss me when he feels sad.
    He would hug me when he feels cold.
    He makes me smile every each day we talk.

    But I don't think that there is such a love like that.
    I don't think me and him should be together.
    I don't think I am the right girl for him.
    Love doesn't exist in my heart.

    Love never matters to me.
    There is love everywhere.
    But, is there really love in my heart?
    Is there such a thing?

    What is love anyway?
    Is there such a meaning in the word love?
    I don't think I should continue the love that I have.
    It's just a broken heart that I have.

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    Re: Broken Heart

    Oh wow what a nice poem! It's so sad yet very wonderful! Good job hope to see more!

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    Re: Broken Heart

    so sad yet so wonderful its really cold but thats what makes a great poem i guess anyway loved it so post more

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    Re: Broken Heart

    Ahhh... what a sad poem- full of confusion, reminds me of how I feel sometimes when together with someone... you can't escape these thoughts, but it's better if you do, just go with the flow- everything will be alright in the end- it'll be as it's ment to be...

    I really enjoyed reading this poem and I too hope to see more...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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