Why is my heart broken,
it thank to my boyfriend,
why did you broken my sweet heart,
i was a good girlfriend to you,
or may i was a bad girlfriend to you,
i hate how i feel,
we was in love and you broken my heart,
i have so much hate that i want to break up with you,
why did i stay with you, i didnt know the anwer to that,
but i stay with to be with you.
But i just cant it over what you have does to me...
That a life time a hurt that i will have,
and i hurt every day from that stupid mistake you made..
why o why did you do it for think before you do thing that may broken my heart..... That are thing that you could have does to stop that
from happening to me...
but know you was think bout yourself not me...
Why should i be thinking bout you now...
broken my heart and i will broken you into pieces....!!!!!!!!!