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Thread: the broken vase

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    Wink the broken vase

    The Broken Vase

    there once was a vase
    on a shelf in a room
    kept there by a girl,
    it was a family heirloom.

    the girl loved her vase
    kept it spotlessly clean
    and it stood on her shelf
    until she was 14.

    then her life got confusing,
    everything fell apart,
    and though her fears were not voiced,
    they were felt in her heart.

    then one night after school
    as she looked at the vase she felt an ugly look
    come down her face.

    ''i hate you!'' she shouted as she picked up the jar
    and hurled it through the air-
    it didn't fly far.

    with an earsplitting crash,
    the old vase hit the door
    and split down the center
    as it fell to the floor.

    her brief rage was now over,
    she saw what she'd done
    and tears flooding her cheeks,
    crossed the room at a run.

    she realized too late
    what she'd done had been wrong;
    it wasn't the vase she'd hated but herself all along.

    she'd smashed something precious
    because she was stressed
    but how could she fix it?
    she'd just try her best.

    and so,armed with a glue gun,
    she toiled by night
    to mend th old vase
    and put matters right.

    when the next morning came
    the girl looked at the vase
    and a smile appeared
    upon her face.

    it was no longer perfect,
    no need to pretend,
    but now, stronger than ever,
    it would last 'til the end.

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    Re: the broken vase

    wow amazing simply amazing love it hope to see more in the future

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    Re: the broken vase

    OMG, this is so good! Keep writing theprincess!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

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