In this year...
The year after my loss.
The year after my greatest achievement,
do I bid you farefell.

I cannot go on,
and I must do as I must.
In order to survive,
can I bury you now?

Can I put the past away,
as you so easilly did?
As if nothing happened,
and no pain was done?

I try so hard,
and yet the past haunts me.
Plagues me to death,
beyond that of lifelessness.

no one sees this.
It is like I'm a ghost,
thanks to you now.

Not heard,
not seen,
not thought of,
or mentioned.

if i want to bury you now,
then there is one thing,
that i seem that,
i must do now.

that is unbury myself...........

Whtie Rose

"A rose can only be a rose, if those that see it, know what a rose is."