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Thread: Buu's day off

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    Buu's day off

    Okay, before i actually get to the fanfic part, there is a few things you need to understand.
    1. I do not own ANY of these characters
    2. This fanfic is about an "off day" on the dbz set and is entirely just a convo between the different buu forms
    3. the characters ARE OOC, so no complaining, i gave you fair warning.
    4. This has NOTHING to do with the actual series
    5. This fanfic is set up in script format, so please no complaining
    6. Finally, i know the ending sucks...but i couldn't think of any other way to finish it
    7. Ps. plz no flames

    *Buu's first form is hanging at the 'Rec room' at some random office*
    Buu1: Hey Buu
    *Buu form 2 walks in*
    Buu2: Hey Buu
    Buu1: So, whatcha been up to?
    Buu2: Oh not much....got my @$$ kicked again by.....crap can't remember his name.....Golu....Govu......Goulash...
    Buu1: You mean Goku?
    Buu2: No no....OH NOW I REMEMBER, his name was piccolo.
    Buu1:How'd you get piccolo from Goku?
    Buu2: Oh crap here he comes.
    Buu1: who? Oh HIM.
    *Kid Buu walks in*
    Kid Buu: HEHEHEY, Guys how's it going....?
    *Buu1 just rolls his eyes*
    Buu1&2 in unison: Hey Buu
    Kid Buu: Do you know where Buu is?*talking about Buu3*
    Buu1: He's in Alaska, settling a divorce with his wife....Chi Chi I think her name is.
    Kid Buu: Crap what happened
    Buu2: It turns out that while Buu was at work, she was cheating on him with Krillian.
    Kid Buu: NO WAY
    Buu1: YES WAY! Anyways, there trying to figure out who gets the kids...of course some of them AREN'T his.
    Buu2: wadda ya' mean.
    Buu1: Well from what I can tell, she's been seeing Krillian for about 3, maybe 4, years now.
    Kid Buu: Crap...that's gotta suck.
    Buu 2: I know what ya' mean
    *Buu2 takes a sip of coffee*
    Buu2: MAN THAT'S HOT....they really should put warn labels on these things.
    Buu1: Yeah, i know what ya' mean. I heard somebody sued Mcdonalds because they spilled FRESHLY MADE coffee on there lap but McDonalds didn't do anything to warn them.
    Kid Buu: So who won?
    Buu1: Dunno, that's all i heard about it.
    Buu2: 'Tis a shame, 'Tis a shame.
    Kid Buu: What is?
    Buu2: What this worlds coming too, i mean if.....
    *Before Buu2 can finish his sentence Brolly appears out of nowhere and kills them all off*
    Brolly: OWN3D!!!!
    *Brolly flies off*

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    Re: Buu's day off

    ahhh...okay. Well...hmmmm. Well ur right the ending was wierd. I missed the comedy in the whole act but I definitely wouldn't have the patience to sit down and write something like that so keep it up.
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    Re: Buu's day off

    Umm random, nice, okay o.O and long

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