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Thread: Can you Blame me

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    Can you Blame me

    I hate being here
    I swear I do
    Because everything I do
    Is never good enough for you
    You never tell me you love me
    And I really start to be believe
    That every time I breathe
    You wish death upon me
    In my mind I swear I think
    You tried to kill me as a baby
    Probably when I was only a week
    I know I am not Einstein
    Or can ever compare to his mind
    But can you blame me
    For being all I could ever be
    My voice is my comfort and
    And you tried to make me speechless
    I bet when I die
    You wont even miss
    Goodbye now
    And good bye forever
    I am so sorry
    I was ever your daughter
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    Re: Can you Blame me

    wow that was a wicked poem. At glance, i get the feeling that this poem involves your mommy trying to kill you when you were a baby, something like that. It was a well written poem and i look forward to see more of your poems. ^^

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    Re: Can you Blame me

    Oh wow there is soo much emotion to it. I love it.
    I like how at the begining the lines are short giving it a faster pase then they get bigger to slow it down and then short again.
    I think it gives it the riight flow. Very good work.
    Keep it up.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: Can you Blame me

    Wow Shippo, you really have a way with words...my meaning behind that is you captured the feeling of not being love like moving to a new place and no one really knows you or care to know anything about you. I understand how suffocating love can be and to be quite honest dating is even over rated! Great usage of words and emotins to make this poem come to life! I hope you continue to post more in the near future.

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