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Thread: Can't Be Yourself

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    Can't Be Myself

    Can't Be Myself

    Looking out from behind a mask
    My face has been well hidden
    Hidden for so long from the world
    It's made me scared to face reality

    What is going to happen if I'm me?
    I must never let my true self show
    No one would listen before
    So no one must know

    Is there any one to trust with the truth?
    To show who I really am?
    Think I have found who that one person is
    The only thing is they threw it in my face.

    Now I'm back behind my mask to stay
    Hidden from this forsaken world
    For there will never be another day
    I will ever try to show who I really am.

    Sometimes I must say this is how I feel but then I just lift my chin and prevail through life. It's tough but you have to keep going.
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    Re: Can't Be Yourself

    It sounds like a lot of poems written today. The flow isnt very good, and I really wouldve like to see some punctuation.
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