Ad oculos, with your own eyes cant you see
what life is all about? everything seems pleasant
but the storm is just brewing , all that seems normal
is really in disaray.

Alea iacta est ,the die is cast the winds
of change are blowing and nothing can stop
it now , all those times of lashing out will never
be bale to be taken back again.

All those times when love and life seem to
be just out of your grasp as you begin to feel
things change for the better , where does it
all begin and and?

Amor et melle et felle est fecundissmismus , love is rich
with both honey and venom for every tender moment
there is a moment that will rip your heart out why must
life be so emotional? I live my life knowing love and only
get poisned by the very one who it seems i care about.

Nothing really helps that pain , no matter how many tears i
fill my cup with i keep telling myself that love is really not for
me , but then i try my hand at love and find the one i think
i know will be the one that changes everything.

Ad oculos , Alea iacta est , Amor et melle et felle est fecundissmismus
these things i speak of are a part of change and i accept them
with a catious heart , am i really ready for the love or hate that
comes from what i say.
__________________________________________________ ____
i got this idea while thinking about change and i used
latin words to try and make it more emotional though im not
sure latin works or not , and the point of the poem is to show
that change can never be one way though every one thinks it should

comments and sugestions are welcomed