If only I could change the future...
that's never what we say.

We are always wanting,
to undo the very,
mistakes that make us human.

We always want change,
but enough of us don't rise.
I am one who wishes he could,
only to be ensnared down.

Even if I could see,
every possibility.
Every angle and escape,
would I change a thing?

If I could know what's to come,
and even find that loving one,
with the power I had....

Yet on second thought,
I'd still see,
that whatever I did,
would be catasrophe.

That all my choices,
led to my demise,
and that all my work,
would be undone.

It's not a message,
to make me give up,
but one to make me try.

For as long as there is breath,
in these wore out lungs...
I'll be able to scream again................


"When your down on your knees, and you can't cry because your too hurt, you can't find anyone to talk to, and the only ones that can listen are the dead.... then there is only one thing to do. Scream your head off, until your voice is gone, then write out every single word that you needed to say and show them to the world."