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Thread: Changing Life

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    Changing Life

    STOP! This is part two of this story. Part one is here> Changing Life (Part One) Read that one before you do this one.

    (Part Two)

    Tragedy struck
    You were hurt the most
    From this day forward
    You life stopped, not even on coast

    You felt you should've done something
    It was all your fault.
    Though the world was going on
    Your life was on halt.

    Though one of your friends
    A girl one at that.
    She was an old lover
    That is to be exact.

    She was told to take care of you
    And she will don't worry.
    But she'll do something else
    A different side-story.

    Now that the other's gone for now
    She'll try to get with you.
    So what's it going to be
    What are you going to do?

    Stay true to your first
    And live life and forget?
    Stay by her side
    And tell the other with a reject?

    You respect your first
    Like it's your responsibility.
    Because you still feel bad
    About that one single tragedy.

    But you want to get on with life
    And to get away from this mess.
    Are you sure about this
    "I do" not "I guess?"

    So you go on with her
    Living fine and great.
    But are you ready
    For a special upcoming date?

    The day she awakes from that coma
    It may come slow or fast.
    You better be prepared
    It's here, at last.

    Writer's Notes: Eh, I don't think it's very good. Anyways, the title isn't permanent. It's supposed to be a three maybe four part story. And this is part two. Part one hasn't even been made yet...=/ Also, It's based on an anime that I watched. Thank you for reading. (Part three is done: Changing Life (Part Three))
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    Re: Changing Life

    Hmmm.... I like it quite well... a bit strange but very interesting... I like the fact that it's a poem-story... it's very interesting!!!!

    Do make all of the parts- it's very cool!!!!

    Dunno what anime it is based on (since I'm just starting my way toward knowing anime well), but it must be good if it has nspired you to write this...

    A nice work! I'll be waiting forward for more.

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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