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Thread: Changing Life (Final Part Five)

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    Changing Life (Final Part Five)

    Stop! If you want to read the other four parts, follow this link: Changing Life (Part One)

    Changing Life (Part Five, Final)
    So you go to the hospital
    The very next day
    Just to see how she's doing
    And she is doing okay

    She knows what has happened
    That three years have gone by
    But she wants to know an answer
    And she looks straight into your eye

    She wants to know if you're dating
    If you're seeing anyone
    You respond with the truth
    No, I'm dating no one

    She smiles feeling relieved
    Then you say your goodbyes
    But a few hours later
    Another guest arrives

    It's your ex-girlfriend
    And she has something to say
    She hopes she'll forgive her
    She wishes and she prays

    She tells her that they were dating
    Herself and him
    And the other just stares
    Like she confessed a moral sin

    She asks for forgiveness
    But gets a slap in the face
    The other tells her to leave
    Get out of this place

    Anger fills her heart
    She wants the three years back
    Knowing this has happened
    Is like her own face with a smack

    She wants to speak to him
    Very important talk
    Though he has no idea
    This will give him a shock

    She tells him it was great
    The years spent with him were a dream
    But those were the past years
    They're forever gone it seems

    She says its time to part
    To say to each other goodbye
    Though always remember
    Until the very day you die

    As they say farewell
    And go they're separate ways
    Tears flowing in their eyes
    As that was the last of their days

    But what about your ex
    You still love her, right
    It's time to clear things up
    You start to search from the day to night

    No sign of her
    You have search everywhere
    From where she had worked
    And from here to there

    Then you start for the hill
    The very one with the tree
    And think to yourself
    How can this be

    Amazingly she appears
    Like life is giving you one more go
    Better make this right
    It's time for your true feelings to show

    She says that she's fine
    Life is in sound
    But you say the opposite
    For you, the other way around

    You tell your true feelings
    And hold her close
    Tell her that you love her
    She's the one you need the most

    She accepts the feelings
    And with eyes full of tears
    You tell her we start over
    Our new life begins here

    Writer's Notes: Finally! It's done. My five part poem/story is finished. This was the hardest and longest part I had. I seriously wish I would put more, but I couldn't because I can't find the words and I left too much out in the before parts.

    Now, what this is based on. It's based on the anime show Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. It's a drama/romantic story. (Yeah, I have a soft side) They also have a game for it, it came out before the show. Search it up on google or wikipedia for information on either the show or game. Very good anime, I recommend it. (Warning: Show contains some sexual scenes and game shows a lot. Please don't watch it just for that...=/)

    Anyways, thanks for everyone who has read all these parts or any of them at least. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading. =)

    (After story: A few weeks later, the girl who was in the hospital finishes rehab and gets out of the hospital. While the renewed couple move out of their apartment to go find a real home. Three years past. The girl, who was interested in children's books, became an author and wrote a children's book herself. Her sister, a talented swimmer in high school, became a pro swimmer and won a special tournament. The couple, now married, lives in a home. The man seems like he got a good job. While he was walking to or from work, he sees an ad about the children's book. And then goes inside the book store to get it. While the woman looks at the newspapers of the tournament that the girls sister won. She sits there crying, yet happy. She was also a swimmer but gave that up so she could be with her husband. So there's some information that I sort of left out. Sorry, but, I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did.)
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    Re: Changing Life (Final Part Five)

    wow that was really great so sad and yet so romantic at the same time true emotions all the way it's a real life thing....lol kinda reminds me of a time with a few friends of mine an ex-girlfriend and a couple of visits to the...well it's kinda like this the peom/story i mean kinda weird how it all turned out...but once again really great all they way
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    Re: Changing Life (Final Part Five)

    Well... I must say I don't like the ending... but it's all just because of the plot (and, as far as I understand, you're not the one who thought it up, so you're not to blame ^^) You've done a great work with putting it all in a poem- I'm about to do something alike (only I'll put a game in a story ^^ that'll be fun)
    I really enjoyed reading this and you've managed to make it full of emotions and very interesting even though it's not about real life- I admire that...

    ok, I'll be waiting forward for more!!!! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Changing Life (Final Part Five)

    Thanks, glad you both liked it. I was a bit disappointed by the ending as well. I heard that they are going to make a remake of it, except with the other path. I'm not going to make that one, I'm done with poem-stories for a while...

    They say, "I will die for my country." I never hear them say, "I will kill for my country."

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    Re: Changing Life (Final Part Five)

    omg, that was an awesome poem. romantic and sad. i loved it, great poems by the way atleast the one's i've read!!=)


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