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Thread: Changing Life (Part Three)

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    Changing Life (Part Three)

    Stop!!! If you want to get a better understanding of this, please read the other's by following this link: Changing Life (Part One)

    Changing Life (Part Three)
    Stuck in your tracks
    You hear she's awake
    Do you even know
    How much is at stake

    You go visit her
    Like a good friend you are
    But there are some limitations
    You can't get too far

    No words of the current
    Since the accident her time has froze
    Too much information
    She could go back to her old pose

    You made a vow
    To see her everyday
    To be by her side
    To her family you say

    But every time you visit
    Old memories are renew
    You're starting to get feelings for her
    And your girlfriend is seeing it through

    She tells you to stop
    And you sourly agree
    But is this okay
    The right way to be

    While you stop to see her
    Things turn for the worse
    You don't talk to either of them
    And the rest of your life is like a curse

    You see her little sister
    On a dark and rainy day
    And you think to yourself
    Is everything okay

    You feel worried about her
    And you go back
    Through what life has given you
    To the face a hard smack

    But your girlfriend is lost
    And memories fly through her head
    Instead of making right choice
    She takes the wrong turn instead

    While that is going on
    You make a late night trip
    To the hospital you go
    And another life flip

    Remember what not to do
    Never speak of what is now
    But she's asking these questions
    What, when, and how

    She wants answers
    She wants them said quick
    And she gets them right there
    And it wasn't a slip

    Her sister had enough
    She was done with the lies
    Spoke the hurtful truth
    As she had tears in her eyes

    After all said and done
    And with that truthful peep
    It happened again
    She's back asleep

    Writer's Notes: Ok, I won't blame you if you don't like this one as much as the others. I had to make arrangements because if I worded it in the original anime, it would've been too long. Longer than it is...And the poem kinda jumps from here to there. Anyways, I'm not even sure if I'll finish it in the next part. I said there would be four, but it might take one more...=/ Besides that, thanks for reading. (Part four is ready: Changing Life (Part Four) )
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    Re: Changing Life (Part Three)

    umm i really like it. its just that i dont get it. but i loved how you worded it!! if you have the time could you explain it to me cause i would love to understand your poem you could explain it on here or you could pm me either way!! but i love it anyways!!=)


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    Re: Changing Life (Part Three)

    Yeah, this part is sort of confusing. If you haven't read the others, it might not make as much more sense even if I describe it.

    In part three, it starts out right after they get news that his high school girlfriend has awaken from a coma that happened three years ago. He goes to visit her but he cannot tell anything that will say that she has been in a coma for three years. If told, she will be in shock and she might go back into her coma.

    He then makes a vow to visit her everyday because that's the least he can do. Yet, his feelings for her a starting to arise again during each visit. His current girlfriend sees this because he spends more time with the other rather than herself. She makes him commit to an ultimatum to never see her again.

    He agrees but it doesn't turn out for the better. He doesn't speak to either of the girls and it seems like his life around him isn't any better. Time has pasted and one day he sees her sister (one that was in a coma's sister) look at him in a certain way. (They've met before but I forgot to put it in the previous parts)

    He is worried and goes back even though he agreed to his girlfriend that he wouldn't and all that he's gone through. While he goes back, his girlfriend is out. Still having mixed thoughts about their relationship. She makes a bad choice (I'll speak of it more in the fourth part).

    Yet while at the hospital, I foreshadow that something is going to happen. Another stanza restating that you can't say certain things. But the girl at the hospital asks these questions like what's the date, how long has it been since the accident, and what's going on.

    She wants answers, and she gets them. Her sister is also in the room, tired with all the lies, she tells all that it is. What happened, how long, and what's going on right now. She doesn't like to say this so that's why she's crying. After all is said, the words strike her so shockingly that she goes back into the coma because her weak mind state can't handle it.

    That's the best I can describe it. I missed a quite a few details but I had to bend the real story so that's the best I could do. If you still have questions, please ask and I'll try to answer them the best I can. (I also edited the poem a bit.)
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    They say, "I will die for my country." I never hear them say, "I will kill for my country."

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